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Replenish Body & Mind

Through the Technology of Scalar and BioMagnetic Light,
Recharge the Cells and Vital Energy of your Body with this Powerful App!

RAYD8® is now available on the Apple Store!


RAYD8® will be available for Google Play on April 18th
(unless otherwise announced)

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About RAYD8®

Brad Johnson

RAYD8® is created by the founder of AetherX Inc., Brad Johnson: Professional Psychic, Spiritual Teacher, Metaphysical Researcher, and a prolific Energy Worker with over 15 years experience. AetherX is the parent company of RAYD8 and offers a variety of powerful products designed to assist in rejuvenating the body: from bed kits, source flashlights, card decks, crystals, clothing accessories and more!

RAYD8® is a combination of modern technology together with ancient spiritual technology that embodies ancient energy knowledge from thousands of years past. It utilizes the power of Scalar: omnipresent, rarefaction, condensed life force energy pulsed perturbation from the Aether (instant action at a distance); and its lower pressure system, Bio-Magnetism, which provides energetic nourishment through the power of light and shape.

Together, these two conjugates that are of the same living force nourish the energy fields of all living beings that are within the vicinity of its vibration. To put it simply, RAYD8® utilizes this energy to energize your cells with a powerful living charge encouraging your body and mind to regenerate all together.

RAYD8® comes in two versions through the app: Free and Premium. The free version is the bare bones of the RAYD8® technology that utilizes Scalar, Bio-Magnetism, the Schumann Resonance (7.83 Hz frequency of the Earth), and a pulsing oscillation of the Fibonacci Sequence that brings the blueprint of wholeness and wellness to the body. The Premium version also deliveries these benefits, but with a greater amount of rejuvenation through the Color Vibrational spectrum, and a higher pulsing oscillation of the Fibonacci Sequence increasing the charge delivered to your cells to amplify the RAYD8® experience tremendously.

RAYD8® Free Version

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Benefits of the Free Version

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Energizes the body and environment with Scalar that reaches a radius of 140 feet.

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Neutralizes and converts harmful EMF into clean EMF.

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Pulses and oscillates the Fibonacci sequence to balance and center the body's cells and energy field.

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Radiates the Schumann Resonance (7.83 Hz) to ground and balance the body & environment.

RAYD8® Premium Version

PREMIUM version
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Benefits of the Premium Version

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Radiates the Schumann Resonance (7.83 Hz) to ground and balance the body & environment.

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Neutralizes and converts harmful EMF into clean EMF.

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Energizing of all major organs, glands, joints, tissues, cells, and bodily systems.

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Imbued frequency harmonics to rejuvenate all major organs, bones, brain hemispheres and energy systems (chakras, nadi channels, acupuncture meridians, 5 prana vayu & more!

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Energizing and strengthening of immune support.

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Increasing vital energy.

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Elimination of fatigue, agitation, stress, restlessness.

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Encourages deep meditation states + vivid & lucid dreaming.

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Aligns subtle bodies: emotional, mental, astral, causal layers.

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Amplifies manifestation capability.

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Energizes and strengthens the entire body so it has the power to heal itself.

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Full radius of the Premium Version's Scalar field extends to over 1000 feet. Combining together with two identical devices where the screens mirror one another in precise alignment, the Scalar field can extend to over 2460 feet or 750 meters (0.46 miles) full radius.


How long should I use the Free Version per day?

RAYD8® technology works naturally with your own energy system to replenish and charge your cells. This means that the energy that your body is receiving is natural and plentiful, and has no limit. You can use RAYD8® for as often and as lang as you desire as there are no side effects when it comes to this natural universal energy.

Can I use the Free Version offline?

Yes you can. The Free Version of RAYD8® requires no sign-up to use. Once you have the RAYD8® app installed on your device, the Free Version is available for you whether your devide is online or offline.


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in April of 2024, RAYD8 will also be launching its very first REGEN Center in the heart of Langley, BC, Canada operated by the creator of RAYD8, Brad Johnson.

Aside from the Free and Premium versions of RAYD8, the REGEN Center will utilize the most advanced version of the RAYD8 technology: RAYD8 REGEN. This is a commercial version of the technology and offers the greatest potency, and more advanced features that can be experienced in a group environment through wellness centers.

With the launch of the very first REGEN center, starting in May of 2024, entrepreneurs all over the world will have the opportunity to purchase the commercial license of the RAYD8 REGEN version and utilize it on multiple screens to deliver a powerful rejuvenation experience to their clientele. Those who purchase a commercial license for RAYD8 REGEN will also be able to utilize and sell AetherX products through their business.

Our RAYD8® REGEN Center website is now online. Visit our new site to book an immersive session for the new RAYD8® REGEN technology if you are within or near the lower mainland of British Columbia, Canada (City of Langley), and you can also fill out our commercial application to apply for your own RAYD8® REGEN center business in your own local area.



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